Zero-G releases Impromptu Electric Guitars for Kontakt

9th August 2021

Zero-G has announced the release of Impromptu Electric Guitars, a Kontakt tool for creating ever-evolving, guitar-based cinematic soundscapes in seconds.

Developed by the same producer behind Zero-G's popular Impromptu Textural Percussions, new IEG features three exceptional guitars and the 'Impromptu Engine' – a system that utilises loops of improvised, un-synced snippets combined with a granular synthesizer.

Zero-G recorded improvised performances in three different intensity layers that users can crossfade between using the central knob which is mapped to the mod-wheel by default. Playing a note with the mod-wheel completely down will trigger a sparse improvised loop on that pitch; start moving the mod-wheel up to gradually crossfade to the medium and finally, to the dense layer.

The layers were also sampled playing the instrument in different ways: the sparse layer was recorded playing the guitar with fingers, the medium layer was recorded using a soft, smooth, wooden pick while the dense layer was recorded using a thick, hard plastic pick.

The idea for Impromptu Electric Guitars came from a love for ever-evolving cinematic music. I wanted an instrument that would allow me to press a key or, even better, a chord and instantly generate guitar-based soundscapes that flow with unique organic movement... so I made one.

We recorded three beautiful instruments and I've lost count of the amount of unique pedals we ran them through: making this library was a lot of fun and an act of pure sonic experimentation.

IEG producer Alessandro Mastroianni.

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Price: £35.95 - Impromptu Electric Guitars is available now with 20% off until 20th August, 2021. Add Ethera Gold 2.5 Lite to your cart as well and you'll get it for free for a limited time.

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