Ueberschall releases Acoustic Guitar Trio (Elastik Soundbank)

9th September 2021

Ueberschall has released their newest loop library, called Acoustic Guitar Trio. Here's what they say about it:

Acoustic Guitar Trio features various combinations of steel string, nylon string, 12 string and mandolin guitar. It provides 10 extended constructions kits where each music section is built around a trio of three acoustic parts, combining two rhythm parts and a lead/melody part. The kits span a range of tempos and musical styles influenced by modern Pop, Latin, Country and Folk. The moods are positive, mellow and reflective.

This Elastik library packs 10 construction kits into 2.6 GB of sample data, containing nearly 700 loops and phrases. Performances have a length of up to 40 seconds. Each of the kits provides 3 distinct musical sections as well as dedicated intro and outro parts for easy construction of full arrangements. Within each construction kit, the main musical sections vary in intensity, allowing you to add just the right amount of performance dynamics to your musical projects. Original tempos range from 94 to 168 BPM range, but Elastik's powerful tempo and pitch manipulation tools extended the possibilities further, allowing you to adapt the sample content to your specific project needs.

While the instruments are focused on the acoustic guitar, within each construction kit, these parts are complimented by bass and minimalistic percussion. The bass is provided by either a conventional electric bass or a low-tuned acoustic guitar. The percussion includes shaker, tambourine and sounds generated by playing the acoustic guitar body. The occasional SFX loop completes the rhythm section.

All of the acoustic instruments have been recorded to the highest standard and are ready to drop directly into your mix. The microphone recordings are available dry without any added effects. Additionally, line/DI phrases for all the guitar and bass parts are included. These can be blended with the microphone recordings or used with your own choice of processing and ambience effects to provide the perfect fit for your project. A ready-mixed loop with the two rhythm parts panned left and right is also included for convenience.

Ueberschall says:

Acoustic Guitar Trio is perfect for media composers, songwriters or music producers looking for inspiration for their next acoustic-led project. The sound is beautiful, the performances top-class, and the construction kit format provides plenty of musical flexibility. If your next project needs to make a star of the acoustic guitar, Acoustic Guitar Trio is the perfect choice.


Price: 49,- Euro.

KVR Audio, Inc.