UnitedPlugins updates FrontDAW to v2.2

13th September 2021

UnitedPlugins has updated FrontDAW to v2.2.

FrontDAW is designed to be used on any number of channels of your projects. In upcoming version 2.2, UnitedPlugins upgraded the Variable Analogue Random Modeling technology and gave the plugin a facelift.

Thanks to VARM II, each plugin instance acts slightly different. It models the randomness of the subtle differences of the values in the electrical parts.

The update is free for existing users. For those who don't have a license yet there is a 60% anniversary discount. It is available until the 26th of September, 2021.

2nd hand version for free
Those who are not familiar with the FrontDAW may get the 15-days fully working trial version. After the trial version expires the plugin will turn to 2nd version. It will lose a few knobs and access to several settings but you will be still able to use its saturation on your tracks.

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