Lese releases Transfer - Doppler–Spatializer VST / AU Plugin

30th April 2022

Lese has released Transfer, a Doppler-Spatializer audio plugin. Here is what they are saying:

Transfer was primarily designed with ease-of-use in mind. Other spatializer plugins tend to require configuration prior to proper use (Setting up an ambisonic decoder / encoder with the right orders and normalizations you would want), so instead of having to configure your DAW to work with a bunch of channels based on ambisonic parameters when working with other kinds of spatializers, Transfer simply takes in a signal and outputs a spatialized signal.

Transfer also has a mathematically-accurate to the real world doppler shifting feature, enabled with the Doppler button. Additionally, Transfer features multiple control schemes (or workflows) to make everyone happy. Initially, you start off with the "Control Sphere", like above (which allows you to move in all three dimensions), but clicking the square button on the interface switches over to a more traditional XY pad for a simpler, two-dimensional approach.

Sound sources aren't supposed to move according to mere parameter inputs. Instead of setting your sound's position directly, Transfer lets you set the target position instead, and your sound will move to it according to your Speed / Smoothing parameter.

Transfer's spatial abilities were high-priority during development. In terms of technicalities, Transfer utilizes a virtual speaker array (Around 80 positions) to perform binaural spatialization, but a stereo mode is also implemented if you want to optimize the spatialization for a conventional speaker layout, instead of for headphone listening.

Finally, the sound source can also be Separated into multiple incoming positions, and Spread to reduce the listener's ability to accurately "pinpoint" the location of a sound.

Price: 35 USD at lese.io. You can download a demo version of the plugin on Lese's site as well.

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