Vicious Antelope releases soundbanks for Pigments 3, Massive X, Omnisphere 2 and Analog Lab V

27th June 2022

Vicious Antelope has released three new soundbanks in the last week:

Savanna for Pigments 3 & Analog Lab V - 80 presets - €7

Savanna is the third soundbank of the "Biome" series for Pigments 3 (also available for Analog Lab V) after Steppe and Tundra. It contains 80 presets like pads, classic polysynths, epic leads and other with cinematic flavor, trying to capture the Savanna biome and transform it to sound. It fits for styles like cinematic, prog and post rock, electronic music and other. There are many modulation options and for all presets MW, AT and the 4 Macros are assigned to a variety of parameters to give new dimensions to your sound.

Aphelion for Massive X - 100 presets - €8

Aphelion consists of 100 presets for Massive X. From epic synths to full sounding basses and from slow evolving pads to dark atmospheres it is a great soundbank for your arsenal for a variety of genres. Cinematic music, atmospheric electronic music, progressive rock or more experimental styles is where Aphelion shines the most.

The presets have many modulation options and for most of them MW adds vibrato. Aftertouch introduces new sound elements to the presets from subtle to more extreme changes.

Omnisound Unique Guitars - 50 presets - €6

Omnisound Unique Guitars is the 4th soundbank of Omnisound series for Omnisphere 2. It contains 50 unique and experimental presets with acoustic and electric guitars at its core of sound design. There a lot far than conventional sounds here as the soundbank keeps the unique and fresh character of Omnisound series.

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