Homegrown Sounds updates Batch xFader to v1.1 adding batch creation of single cycle loops

26th August 2022

Homegrown Sounds has updated Batch xFader, an application for processing folders of samples and automatically creating cross faded loops which can be used for multi-sampled instruments by samplers, to v1.1.

This update introduces single sample export which are common for capturing single cycles of oscillators. The source audio file must provide the MIDI note number either via the header or in the filename ('-036'). Akai auto sampler embeds this data automatically both as a header and in the filename which would be a good way of sampling the source material.

The loop is created from the middle of the file, a positive zero crossing is found for the start the sample length added and then the next negative zero crossing is found to ensure the loop is seamless. All other data is removed in the export so that it only contains the loop section.

Other new features/fixes include:

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