Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 8.3 - Support for 10 new sample libraries

30th September 2022

Babylonwaves has released Art Conductor 8.3, a collection of over 9500 professionally built articulation switching templates available for Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Studio One and Cakewalk. The new update adds support for ten new sample libraries bringing the total to 647.

Additional content in Art Conductor 8.3:

A full list of compatible libraries is available on the Babylonwaves website. Version 8.3 contains over 30 bug fixes and improvements for older articulation templates.

Art Conductor templates share unified key switches for the most important articulation and feature color/notation symbols. Depending on the host, you can drag a MIDI region from one orchestral library to another, and the articulations will keep working.

Art Conductor is available for Cubase/Nuendo (as Expression Maps), Logic (as Articulation sets), Digital Performer (as Articulation Map), Studio One (as Sound Variation) and Cakewalk (as Articulation Maps). The templates are made for every platform with their specific features set in mind. They're not just converted.

Price: 85.50 Euro.

KVR Audio, Inc.