FeelYourSound releases free "Grains and Fragments" preset package for Ambient productions

1st December 2022

FeelYourSound has released Grains and Fragments, a free MIDI effect package for the chord transformation tool ChordPotion.

These presets break up a chord into short single notes ("grains"). Use a dry percussive sound and send it through a big reverb like the free ValhallaSupermassive. The final result is a lush, textured sound floor that can add depth to any Chillout or Ambient track. You can use it to enhance pads with another layer of ambience, or you can leave it as it is.

Grains and Fragments is another addition to the growing collection of free ChordPotion and Sundog preset packages by FeelYourSound: feelyoursound.com/packages

Price: Free. All presets can be used royalty-free for both commercial and private productions.

Black Friday sale: You can still get a 15% discount on ChordPotion until Friday, 2022/12/02.

The following video explains the concept and shows some of the presets in action:

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