SonicProjects updates Stringer to v3.1 - Native M1 support and new features

3rd December 2022

SonicProjects has released the version 3.1 update for Stringer featuring native M1 support, switchable divide-down engine, 5 monophonic envelopes, a bass section and 3 new global ensemble effect types.


The new extensions of the generative part of the hybrid engine (samples AND emulation) allow Stringer to emulate a vintage ARP Solina with all its typical behaviours all without samples using single components.

Still, the new features (except for the divide-down engine) also can be used with the sample based engine, and both emulation and sample based engine can be mixed since there are two independent engines.

The sample based engine, as before, contains high-end multisamples (recorded using Apogee converters, loops up to 4 seconds matching the natural beats) from 3 vintage String machines:

SonicProjects says:

The new features and the hybrid engine make Stringer extremely flexible and apart from emulating known classic vintage String machine sounds also allows it to create completely new unheard String machine sounds.

The update is free for existing licensees.


KVR Audio, Inc.