Aurally Sound releases Song Master 2.0

12th January 2023

Aurally Sound has updated Song Master to version 2.0. For this release, they've focused on improving their beat detection and chord recognition algorithms.

Song Master provides a suite of tools and analyzers designed to help you learn and practice songs directly from the recording. Advanced algorithms analyze and determine chords, song sections, measures, key, BPM, and time signature. Tools to slow tempo, change pitch, re-mix and mute instruments, metronome, and phrase & key trainers simplify learning.

The new Beat Detection algorithm is more accurate, works better across genres and varied instrumentation (i.e. with and without drums), and is better able to adapt to changes in tempo.

The improved Chord Recognition algorithm is more accurate and able to recognize more chord types. Song Master now recognizes the following chord types: 1, 5, maj, min, aug,
dim, sus4, sus2, 7, maj7, min7, maj6, dim7, hdim7, maj9, min9, 9, b9, #9, minmaj7, min11, 11, #11, maj13, min13, 13, b13, plus several inversions that are specialized. When combined with 12 roots, it is capable of recognizing 420 chords.

They've also made a number of other improvements and fixes. For a complete list, please view the release notes.

Price: $50 USD. This is a free update for all owners of Song Master.

Download the update or try the demo version.

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