Sound Response releases Cartoon SFX Sample Pack with 200+ Funny Cartoon Sound Effects

19th January 2023

Sound Response has released Cartoon SFX, a sample pack that contains 230 funny cartoon comedy sound effects in high definition 24-bit/96kHz Stereo WAV format, embedded with metadata.

Cartoon SFX sound library brings you 200+ professionally designed, high quality cartoon sound effects. Due to the noticeable overuse of currently available cartoon sound effects on the market, new cartoon and comedy sounds are extremely sought-after, but at the same time very hard to find. This sound library will freshen up your SFX collection and help your production to stand out among others with brand new and original funny cartoon sound effects.

Cartoon SFX sound library is created and designed using both organic and synthetic source sounds, and with this sound library at your disposal you'll have the best from both sonic worlds. Organic source sounds are recorded with top-notch equipment such as Sennheiser MKH8040 microphones and Sound Devices 702T and 744T recorders, while the synthetic source sounds are created with a range of different synthesizers and sound generators and then further enhanced and processed with various plugin chains. Cartoon SFX sound library will be a perfect addition to your next cartoon, game, video, trailer, and other animated projects and productions featuring funny and goofy comedy scenes.

Price: $39 (Excl. VAT).

KVR Audio, Inc.