Audio Brewers releases 'ab vortEx' - Spacetime Designer for Stereo, Spatial Audio, and other immersive formats

2nd February 2023

Audio Brewers has announced the release of ab vortEx, a VST3, AU and AAX plugin for macOS, Windows and iOS that allows users to instantly create three-dimensional spaces that can be mangled in real time thanks to the inclusion of an XY Pad that independently controls the Space and the Time of the reflections (plus several other settings).

These transitions can be applied instantly or with ease thanks to a 'Viscosity' control. The results are modulations between the time, the space, the pitch and the speed of the reflections that create interesting results.

ab vortEx also includes six fine-tuners that allow users to modify the colour of the reflections, opening possibilities for millions of unique combinations.

Additionally, 4 Modulators with independent rates and min-max boundaries can be assigned to the core controls of the plugin, giving motion to the space and allowing sound designers to create extreme changes in the created atmospheres.

ab vortEx can receive Mono, Stereo and Ambisonics signals (1OA, 2OA, and 3OA), all the processing under-the-hood happens in Ambisonics (three-dimensionally) and later, users can get either a Stereo Output or an Ambisonics Output that can be later decoded to any speaker array (including Stereo, Binaural, Surround, and Dolby Atmos).

ab vortEx brings a Lighter, stereo-only version to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) called 'ab vortEx X', which comes as a Standalone App and AUv3 Plugin that can be inserted in DAWs for iOS that support AUv3.

ab vortEx is available at audiobrewers.com for the introductory price of €69.00 through 15 March, 2023 (Reg. €89.00).

ab vortEx X is available for €19.99 on the Apple App Store.

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