Fanan team releases free 999gen2 Rhythmic MIDI Arpeggiator for Windows

14th March 2023

Fanan team has released 999gen2, a rhythmic MIDI arpeggiator for Windows. They say:

The next generation of our 999 rhythmic MIDI arpeggiator, with improved "ply" and "speed" features. 999gen2 VSTi creates no sound but triggers other VSTis that opened in the D.A.W. It can generate 999 seeded arpeggios which driven by **chords**. The user can set a unique speed, note's length octave range and diversity (ply) to each arpeggio. Users can also switch between arpeggios with their MIDI keyboard and randomize arpeggios in live sessions. The arpeggios are always synced to a DAW's BPM and denominator, so users always get automatic positioned results.

Key features:

Price: Free.

KVR Audio, Inc.