Moog releases Matriarch Firmware Update - New Patching Guide & More

15th March 2023

Moog has released updated firmware for the Matriarch. This update to Moog's paraphonic semi-modular analog synthesizer includes bug fixes, new features based on customer requests, an exploratory patch book, instructional videos, and tutorials to demonstrate the power and flexibility of patching with Matriarch.

Matriarch Firmware v1.3.0 Highlights:

Firmware v1.3.0 introduces a number of updates and new features for Matriarch owners, detailed below. Among MIDI and CV functionality improvements, Matriarch Firmware v1.3.0 adds pitch wheel information to the KB CV output for new modulation opportunities and user-selectable velocity curves to enhance dynamic playing.

Alongside the new firmware, Moog has also released a new custom application for updating firmware on Matriarch, making updates a seamless process for owners. Registered owners may download the new Firmware Updater from their account page on Moog's website:

Visit your account on Moog's website for full release notes and to update your instrument's firmware.

Matriarch | Processing & Controlling Eurorack Modules

Matriarch | Vibrato Patch

Matriarch | Stereo Movement Patch

Matriarch | Ring Modulation Patch

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