BOSS Announces VE-22 Vocal Performer

18th January 2024

BOSS has released the VE-22 Vocal Performer, their new vocal effects processor. The VE-22 offers singers enhanced live sound control with an XLR microphone preamp and a range of sonic tools. It features basic vocal enhancement and processed effects, including a real-time harmony function, and is suitable for practice, recording, and online streaming.

This latest addition to BOSS's Vocal Performer series includes studio essentials such as compressor, EQ, and de-esser, along with delays, reverbs, auto pitch, distortion, lo-fi, modulation, and more. It comes with 50 preset memories and 99 user memories for custom setups.

The VE-22's harmony and doubling functions allow for ensemble effects from a single voice. The interface is user-friendly, with multi-function knobs for harmony, effect, and echo, a color display, and knob LEDs. It supports foot and hand operation with three customizable switches, and an option to connect an expression pedal or external footswitches.

For professional stage use, the VE-22 includes an XLR input with an integrated preamp and phantom power support. A high/low gain switch, sensitivity knob, and level meter optimize input signals. Its connectivity options include USB-C, an analog aux input, and a headphone jack, catering to various vocal activities like practice, computer recording, music playback, and livestreaming.

The new BOSS VE-22 Vocal Performer and CB-VE22 Carrying Case will be available for purchase at authorized US BOSS retailers in January for $349.99 and $69.99.


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