Toontrack releases Classic Rock Organ EZkeys MIDI pack

20th February 2024

Toontrack has announced the release of the Classic Rock Organ EZkeys MIDI pack, a new MIDI expansion inspired by classic rock from the late '60s, the '70s and the '80s.

Here's what they say:

The unique expression, squeal, squeak and bark of a Hammond organ is as glaring an identifier of the classic rock sound as the distorted guitar itself. In this MIDI pack for EZkeys, we've jumped headfirst into a bottomless pool of inspiration and come back out with a collection of thunderous organ performances riddled with all the slides, swells and percussive quirks you'd expect.

Taking into account all the added expression and rotary control features that are essential in a Hammond* performance, this EZkeys MIDI pack was primarily designed for use with the Session Organ EKX for EZkeys 2. With all these incorporated in each MIDI file as performed by the player, this collection of EZkeys MIDI will allow you to add custom layers of life-like-sounding organ in no time to your tracks using the extensive feature set in EZkeys 2. Should you be looking for new ideas to use as starting points for fresh takes on songs, get ready for a library of world-class organ pieces that cover anything from the crushingly slow and heavy to the percussive, hard-hitting and fast.

If you're in need of some refueling, reviving and revamping of your classic rock songwriting toolset, this collection of organ MIDI files will catapult you straight back to the heydays. Ready, set, rock.

Feature Spotlight:

Intro Price: €23 (Reg. €29).

KVR Audio, Inc.