Nektar releases Panorama CS12 Channel Strip and Plugin Controller for Logic Pro ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏

23rd February 2024

Nektar has announced the release of Panorama CS12, a dedicated DAW channel strip controller initially supporting Logic Pro 10.7.8 or higher. The compact desktop controller's workflow is optimized for direct plugin control with one button access to Logic Pro's plugin slots, sends and channel mixer.

Following the selected channel, Panorama CS12's 100mm motorized fader controls channel volume. The channel controls also include a dedicated Pan control, illuminated by the channel color, a 6 segment volume meter as well as buttons for Arm, Solo and Mute.

RGB illuminated LED buttons enables one press selection of plugin slots with parameters immediately assigned to the 12 RGB illuminated rotary pots and 8 buttons.

Plugin parameter names and their values are displayed on the TFT display complete with color coding matching the RGB illumination of the controls.

All Logic Pro's insert plugins, as well as many 3rd party plugins (Waves, UAD, FabFilter etc) are pre-mapped for instant control. Users can customize mapping using Nektar's learn menu which also enables selection of RGB LED control colors for custom color coding. Using the Nektarine software, plugin mapping can be further edited, complete with advanced navigation and customization of parameter names.

Additional channel and sends menus enable control of up to 12 sends, Logic Pro's SmartControls and two user pages where Logic Pro's own learn feature can be used to assign parameters, for example for instrument control.

Built from the ground up using Logic Pro's control surface API, Panorama CS12 and Logic Pro delivers a unique tactile control experience with features never seen before on a DAW controller.

For example, where standard resolution is adequate to control most parameters in one rotation, with 'Fine' enabled Panorama CS12 is capable of controlling at 10 times standard resolution. Parameters with wide value ranges, such as EQ frequency, can therefore be controlled in minute detail, identical to the plugin UI.

The motorized fader can also be used to control any parameter in the current channel strip, including parameters of any plugins hosted on that channel, by simply selecting it with the mouse and moving the fader.

Activating the automation button enables selection of Logic Pro automation options (write, latch, read etc). Additional Nektar developed automation options are also available, such as Auto-Touch which only activates automation when the fader is touched and Single-Point which creates an automation point at the current timeline position, with the fader setting its value.

A full complement of 18 function buttons provides instant access to DAW transport, timeline/loop navigation, channel selection and window handling.

Nektar product manager Tim Chandler says:

Panorama CS12 is the most complete product we have created to date. The seamless and transparent integration between software and hardware is only possible through our painstaking work with the DAW's control API and innovative use of MIDI.

For the user, Panorama CS12 delivers a liberating tactile workflow with high-resolution control options needed for precise adjustment of channel and plugin parameters.

Panorama CS12 is available now from Nektar resellers worldwide, such as Sweetwater and Thomann, priced at (MAP/MSRP) $399.99 USD / €399.99 EUR / £349.99 GBP.

Panorama CS12 will support additional DAWs in the future.

KVR Audio, Inc.