discoDSP updates OB-Xd synthesizer to v3.3

1st March 2024

discoDSP has updated OB-Xd synthesizer to v3.3 for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The OB-Xd v3.3 update resolved the issue where the modulation lever did not affect the global vibrato amount/depth, a problem noted in version 3.2. This fix restores the expected functionality, allowing users to modulate the vibrato LFO amount/depth with the modulation lever, as was possible in earlier versions up to 2.14 and in 3.1.

Additionally, the update includes minor fixes to improve stability and performance across various platforms and DAWs.

For registered users OB-Xd 3.3 is available in the discoDSP Members Area.

The free version of OB-Xd 3.3 is downloadable from the OB-Xd page on discoDSP website.

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