Nightfox Audio releases 'Everything Acoustic' and 'Retro Synthstack'

12th April 2024

Nightfox Audio has released two new additions to its product line: Everything Acoustic and Retro Synthstack. Nightfox Audio says both are created with the needs of music producers, beat makers, and composers in mind, supporting and improving artistic workflow.

Everything Acoustic features 11 acoustic instruments including acoustic guitars, a 12-string, mandolin, and ukulele, each sampled across their entire fretboards. This authentic suite captures real instrument nuances like fret buzz and wood creaks, offering the depth of acoustic sounds with the versatility of a synthesizer.

Retro Synthstack combines 13 analog oscillators sampled from vintage Juno-60, Moog, and Prophet synths. Stack them up for brand-new tones. A customizable arpeggiator and various effects allow for further sound shaping.

Nightfox Audio stays dedicated to providing music professionals with tools that enhance and streamline their creative endeavors, with Everything Acoustic and Retro Synthstack, we're aiming to offer versatile solutions that support an array of musical styles and production techniques.

Philip Zach, founder and CEO.

Key features of Everything Acoustic and Retro Synthstack include:

Everything Acoustic and Retro Synthstack are now available for $99 each at NightfoxAudio.com

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