Toybox releases Buzz Zone Synth for macOS & Windows (VST3/AU)

21st May 2024

Toybox has announced the release of Buzz Zone, describing it as:

Buzz Zone is a boutique performance-oriented synth with a rich set of features, cutting edge DSP and a streamlined modern interface for endless inspiration and experimentation.

Like the plugin's predecessor Thump One, the synth plugin has been designed with Toybox's modular, 'west-coast' approach to circuit layout, with gritty oscillators, subtle cross-modulations and high-quality modelling giving the plugin its unique sound.

The synthesiser features two engines that can be layered together and cross modulated for a variety of complex sounds and textures. The 'Synth' engine features two 'wavetable' oscillators, with a large library of included wavetables, that can be combined using a section of 'Harmony Modes'. The 'Sample' engine can be used to layer additional textures or drive the built in vocoder.

The interface features a separate multi segment envelope generator (MSEG) for each of the synths main controls for flexible and fluid sound sculpting.


Pricing & Availability

The plugin is available immediately for the intro price of $24 ($39 Reg.) for macOS and Windows and $9.99 for iPad.

KVR Audio, Inc.