MackTuesday releases Orz Modular Synth v0.0 alpha

15th February 2007

MackTuesday has released an alpha version of Orz, a fully modular synthesizer VST instrument for Windows that uses "TRAMS" (Tuned Recursive Amplitude Modulation Synthesis) oscillator technology. This allows Orz's oscillators to produce band-limited digital waveforms with rich, complex spectra. Nine sliders that control timbre might remind you of a graphic equalizer; their function bears rough similarity to that of an equalizer, but they don't control specific regions of the spectrum, rather, they affect disparate groups of partials in a way that defies simple explanation. Brightness and Contrast meta-controls affect the regular controls altogether. Brightness sets their average level; contrast adjusts the width of their spread (the standard deviation). Orz is also capable of a sort of E-MU-style morphing filter behavior.


KVR Audio, Inc.