Daevlmakr Media releases Daevl.Plugs Audio Transmogrification Suite

21st February 2007

Daevlmakr Media has released the Daevl.Plugs Audio Transmogrification Suite v1.0.1 for Windows XP and Mac OS X in VST and Audio Units plug-in formats (via Pluggo).

The Daevl.Plugs were built to bring organic qualities and non-repeating elements to electronic music and digital audio. The suite contains 9 major plug-ins and 9 CPU-light mini-plugs. Many employ random or chaotic processes triggered by peaks in the source material. Each has its own strengths, but every Daevl.Plug will transmogrify anything: voice, bass, guitar, synthesizers, drums, choirs of heavenly angels... you name it.

The 9 major plug-ins:

The 9 mini-plugs:

Additional features:

The Daevl.Plugs are available online now, at a price of $36 for the complete suite of 18 plug-ins. A free demo version can be downloaded.

KVR Audio, Inc.