Scarbee releases Red Bass for Kontakt 2

16th October 2007

Scarbee has released Red Bass, a sample library made for Native Instruments' Kontakt 2.2.

Scarbee Red Bass is built on the samples of J-Slap'n Fingered, but has been reprogrammed to take advantage of Scarbee's advanced scripting technology originally developed for Black Bass.

Three pick-up settings: Bridge, Both and Neck have all been recorded in both a fingered and slapped version - without the use of compression, tubes or EQ to ensure maximum flexibility in the sound production. Red Bass was designed to be very easy to play live. Almost all articulations can be triggered without any key-switches. e.g. legato playing triggers hammer-on and pull-off, legato playing with sustain pedal pressed triggers slides, fast legato playing triggers grace notes.


Articulations and playing techniques:

Scarbee Red Bass Sample Library for Kontakt 2.2 is priced at $199. Owners of J-Slap'n Fingered can upgrade for $49.

KVR Audio, Inc.