db audioware releases Sidechain Compression [Video Tutorial]

1st November 2007

"Sidechain Compression" is db audioware's second online tutorial video. Side-chaining, and side-chain compression in particular, is one of the hottest topics in digital audio production. More DAWs offer native support for the technique than ever before, but side-chaining in software is still thought to be a dark art, judging by the discussions on many audio forums.

The video presents a step-by-step introduction to two of the most popular applications of this useful technique:

The video features db audioware's latest Sidechain Compressor plug-in, which is particularly suited to this tutorial role, since its side-chain operates in exactly the same way whichever audio software is in use, whether or not the software offers native side-chain support.

db audioware tutorial videos are free to watch, and can be found at www.db-audioware.com

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