Samplebase releases four new SoundBlocks for Satellite

12th February 2008

Samplebase has announced that four diverse new SoundBlocks are now available for purchase and download at Samplebase.com.

Six-string soul from Catalyst Audio
First is a collection of funky electric guitar loops tailored specifically for RnB and Hip-Hop producers. "Street Soul – RnB Guitar" ($29) contains soulful chords, catchy hooks, smooth riffs, and gritty street licks that will sync up to the host tempo – in BPMs from 65-108.

"Santa Fe Jose" From Heatseekers
Heatseakers, the production team behind Samplebase SoundBlocks "Intense Heat", "Bailar Conmigo", and "Rhumba Blocka", recently added some Southwestern flavor to Samplebase. "Santa Fe Jose" ($19), their new funkified Latin Hip-Hip Construction Kit, includes drum, conga, bass, synth, and stab loops. These loops were recorded at 80 BPM in the key of D# minor, and can be time-stretched and pitch-shifted within Satellite to mesh with existing tracks. Nine pre-constructed mixes are included, each with a playable intro, verse, chorus and outro, for instant "hip-hopification."

Asian Percussion from I/O
"World Percussion – Asia 1" ($29) is the first of two Asian Percussion SoundBlocks within I/O's "Ethnic Percussion" series. It contains over 150 unique samples of velocity-sensitive drum, cymbal, bell and FX sounds that can be performed with or without effects within Satellite. Like every I/O collection, each sound was recorded with class-A gear, and each instrument was played by a professional percussionist who specializes in performing these instruments. This SoundBlock is arranged conveniently into multi menus by instrument type and also contains individual velocity-sensitive patches for each instrument. The following instruments are included: Chinese Hi Hats, Indonesian Nipple Gong, Vietnamese Gong, Wind Gong, Wohan, Chinese Tom (Large & Small), Shime Daiko, Wah Bell & Wind Wong.

Deep Sea Music completes jazz "trio"
The fourth collection is also the third jazz construction kit on Samplebase. "Rhythm Changes" ($29) features multiple variations of piano, bass and drum parts that when combined can create a complete song arrangement. It contains 32 Drum, 31 Bass and 36 Piano loops/phrases. These loops were recorded at 86 BPM in the key of A#, and like all other Samplebase SoundBlocks can be time-stretched and pitch-shifted within Satellite. The first multi in this SoundBlock contains one pre-constructed mix, with multiple accompaniments, melodies, solos, transitions, fills and endings that users can trigger individually from their keyboards. Other menus provide flexible multi-track mix possibilities.

KVR Audio, Inc.