Mu Technologies updates Mu Voice AU and releases 4 new Tutorial Videos

4th July 2008

Mu Technologies has announced that it has fixed the user interface bug for the Audio Unit version of Mu Voice on PPC Macs. The new versions are released as AU 1.1.3 and AU 1.2.1 (for licensed customers only).

Four new Mu Voice video tutorials are also now available on the Mu Technologies YouTube channel (The videos can be downloaded in high quality from mu-technologies.com/videos).

  1. Tuner and FX (06:13)
    Tutorial 1 explains how to use the tuner and FX in Mu Voice. When we're done explaining, we just leave the audio running and start using all the controls (starts at 04:15).
  2. MIDI Controls in 1.2 (04:26)
    Tutorial 2 explains how to select chords, create presets and combine both in the chords scheme. After creating the chord scheme we sequence it with the host (starts at 03:15).
  3. Tuner and FX (06:13)
    Want to use Mu Voice Live? Then, Tutorial 3 is for you. Select chords and presets from a MIDI keyboard like in the live demos by Billie.
  4. Setup in Ableton Live (02:02)
    Having a plug with low latency is great but won't do good job if your host configuration is not optimal. This tutorial shows how to set the preferences for Ableton Live.

Boxed versions are now in production and will be shipped shortly
Boxed versions of Mu Voice 1.2 are coming soon. Production will take another week or two. A Japanese box will be available from Hook Up and a German box from KLEMM - with full translation of the box and user manual.

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