Bolder Sounds releases B.O.B. American Folk Instruments, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures [KON|EXS]

14th July 2008

Bolder Sounds has released three new sound libraries in EXS24, Kontakt and WAV formats.

B.O.B. American Folk Instruments ($19.95)

The Best of Bolder American Folk Music instruments volume is now in native Kontakt 2 and EXS24 format. This 146 MB set includes American instruments from the plucked family, and includes the following - Autoharp, Banjo, Hammered Dulcimer, Fretless Gut-Strung Banjo, Louden Steel String Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola and Mandocello and Marxophone.

Tibetan Granular Textures (Free)

This free Bolder Sounds offering features Granular soundscapes created from Bolder's Tibetan Singing Bowl library. 23 megabytes of moody-metallic granular processing for the Apple EXS24 and NI Kontakt 2.

Granular Conch Shells ($19.95)

5 different conch shells were sampled employing granular synthesis to stretch the original samples time duration, creating pads with a brassy-string like texture. The original source conch shell samples are included as well and are layered with the granular processed samples. The Granular Conch Shell set for NI Kontakt 2 and the Apple EXS24 is 18 MB.

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