Renoise v2.0 announced (Beta available)

15th September 2008

The Renoise crew have announced, and released the first beta of, version 2.0 of Renoise for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. They say that Renoise 2.0 provides unprecedented granular control over audio, now with a range of new features targeting traditional recording artists and composers.

New in Renoise 2.0

Timing & Precision
Higher resolutions are now possible without unintuitive hacks like changing the amount of ticks or doubling the BPM. A new note delay column vastly improves recording precision, be it jamming with your MIDI gear or laying down tracks with your QWERTY keyboard. Speed is replaced by more powerful and easier to use LPB and TPL settings.

Renoise joins other state-of-the-art sequencers with a unique built-in implementation of plugin delay compensation. Not only does Renoise automatically fix unwanted plug-in latencies, it also compensates your MIDI gear and MIDI cables wired to other hosts.

Audio Units
Support for Audio Units on Mac OS X.

Improved VST Support
Better performance and compatibility for VST brings less audio latency related crackles on songs that use lots of VSTi instruments, multi output VSTi/AU instruments support, and the ability to send notes to VST/AU effects.

And More
High-precision filters, drag and drop, quantization, bigger disk browser, pimped plug-in browser, windows clipboard integration, improved audio latency when recording, optimizations, GUI improvements, and more.

KVR Audio, Inc.