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Acon Digital

Acon Digital updates Restoration Suite to v2.0 — a Giant Leap in Audio Quality

Acon Digital has released Restoration Suite 2 consisting of four plug-ins for audio restoration work: DeNoise 2, DeHum 2, DeClick 2 and DeClip 2.

DeNoise 2 introduces the novel dynamic noise profiles that help reducing noise that varies randomly over time, such as wind noise or rustle from lavalier microphones. Where the earlier versions merely captured a static noise print with time-constant noise levels, the dynamic noise profiles capture statistics from the noise to be reduced. The noise suppression algorithm then estimates the most suitable noise threshold curve for the noisy input signal using the measured statistics.

The adaptive de-noising modes have also been significantly improved in version 2 and use a completely new estimation algorithm. Regardless of operating mode, the new noise suppression algorithm further reduces the typical and well-known artifacts from heavy noise reduction.

DeNoise 2, DeClick 2 and DeHum 2 now support Mid/Side (M/S) processing, which can reduce unwanted fluctuations in the stereo image. The core algorithm in DeClick 2 received major improvements and now better preserves transients and can be pushed to higher click and crackle sensitivities without introducing artifacts.

DeHum 2 has a new automatic fine-tune button that triggers automatic estimation of the hum noise frequency. The hum tracking and suppression have also been improved. DeClip 2 was improved in terms of audio quality and now offers even more impressive reconstruction of clipped signal peaks. All the plug-ins in the suite now support surround and immersive audio formats up to 7.1.6 channels.

Price: $99.90 USD in the Acon Digital Store. Restoration Suite 1.x customers that bought after August 1st, 2019, are entitled to a free upgrade. The normal upgrade price is otherwise $49.90 USD, but early birds can upgrade for $29.90 USD until November 15th, 2019. Acoustica Premium Edition 7.x customers can unlock Restoration Suite 2 with their Acoustica license key and Restoration Suite 2 will be included in the upcoming Acoustica Premium Edition 7.2.

Introduction video: YouTube/0-7iUkfcf8s

Audio Examples: SoundCloud.com/acondigital/sets/restoration-suite-2

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