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Sound Dust

Sound Dust release Orgone 2 for Kontakt with 30% off intro offer

Sound Dust has announced the release of Orgone 2 for Kontakt with a 30% off introductory offer.

Orgone 2 began as an experiment around the thought "what would a Hammond organ with sawtooth waves sound like ?" Slowly the idea grew into a huge modular machine that combines multisampled waveforms from several classic synths into a 1GB+ Kontakt sample instrument that goes way beyond the possibilities of any of the originals.

So what's inside?

  • Moog Voyager sawtooth and square waves - 24-bit, 8 second samples of every note.
  • Dsi Pro 2 narrow square waves - 24-bit, 8 second samples of every note.
  • Yamaha CS15 square waves - 24-bit, 8 second samples of every note.
  • Roland SH101 saw tooth + sub waves - 24-bit, 8 second samples of every note.
  • Moog unfiltered noise - 24-bit, 8 second samples of every note.

Orgone 2 uses the basic additive architecture of the drawbar organ to create a deeply malleable instrument with huge polyphony and a complex but relatively simple operating system. It then adds the filters, envelopes, LFOs, etc. of subtractive synthesis to each individual drawbar. It's like having 4 classic 11 oscillator synths in one modular box.

Because the quirks and character of the original ageing synths (30 plus years in the case of the CS15) have been retained Orgone 2 has a living organic sound.

Features include:

  • 11 classic synth oscillators.
  • 1.2GB of 24-bit multisamples.
  • 134 snapshots.
  • Knob randomisation and reset system.
  • Drawbar presets based on Hammond B3.
  • Pitch bend semi-tone amount selector per oscillator.
  • DAW automation control of everything.
  • Saturation control per oscillator.
  • Pan control per oscillator.
  • Reverb send per oscillator.
  • Volume envelope per oscillator.
  • Vibrato LFO with semi-tone depth, speed (sync & hertz), fade and chaos per oscillator.
  • Low pass or formant filter with envelope shape and LFO speed (sync & hertz) and shape modelling per oscillator.
  • Tremolo speed (sync & hertz), depth, LFO width, shape and chaos per oscillator.
  • Chorus depth and speed per oscillator.
  • Tape delay engine per oscillator.
  • Master convolution reverb with 80 custom IRs - categories: large, medium, device, reverse, tape, spring, pedal & real.
  • Master guitar cabinet modeller, EQ, Leslie, phaser, tone and distortion.
  • Note off tune, volume, decay and reverb send.
  • Velocity amount.
  • Aftertouch tune morphing bend amount.
  • Built in RTFM.

Price: £35 / $47 / €42. You can get 30% off the full price until 17th November by using discount coupon WilhelmReich



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