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2CAudio releases "Breeze - True-Stereo Reverb" and launches "Perfect Storm Bundle" (incl. Aether, Breeze, Aether Integrity & Creativity Expansions)


2CAudio has announced the release of Breeze, a new reverb plug-in that is described as "Aether's pristine eco-conscious cousin". 2CAudio has also announced the release of the Perfect Storm Bundle, which consists of Aether, Breeze, the Aether Integrity Expansion and the Aether Creativity Expansion.

BreezeBreeze - True-Stereo Reverb
2CAudio's Aether is described as an "ultimate quality, self-modulating algorithmic reverb, which delivers unprecedented levels of fidelity and programmability". Breeze, Aether's pristine eco-conscious cousin, focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and economy.

Breeze offers a minimalist GUI design that focuses on instantly communicating the most important preset information to the user, and summarizing this information graphically in two intuitive graphical displays. Macro controls combine many complex, behind-the-scenes DSP parameters into a compact set of nine knobs and four sliders. Parameter ranges and scaling are optimized to make it almost impossible to create a bad sounding preset. Signal gain has been meticulously balanced to the point of making the need to adjust the gain control almost obsolete, leaving users with one less thing to worry about and free to focus on more important details.

Breeze has been highly optimized to reduce CPU usage as compared to Aether and other products in the market. Breeze is furthermore designed to intelligently use only as much CPU power as is absolutely required for a given preset, and automatically disables various parts of the algorithm when not required to conserve energy. Breeze also offers an additional "Hi-Lo" switch to further push efficiency into even deeper shades of green. Breeze is the ideal reverb choice for laptop use, and live performance. When used with current top-of-the-line studio workstations, over 500 instances of the plug-in can be run in real-time depending on settings.

Breeze shares some things in common with its older cousin, Aether, but it also has many differences, and brings a few new things to the table that have yet to be implemented in Aether including:

  • A new advanced true-stereo mode that differs from anything in Aether.
  • A new bi-polar Density control that provides the ultimate flexibility ranging from absolute "sparsity" to almost instantaneous maximal density.
  • A Contour control to allow users to customize the attack characteristics of, and impart additional timbral variations on, the reverb.
  • An evolved modulation scheme that offers both lush, larger-than-life, chorus-like, random pitch modulation as well as newly-developed more conservative methods, that are more in line with the behavior of real-world acoustic spaces.


Breeze supports VST and RTAS hosts on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Audio Units, RTAS and VST hosts running on Mac OS X 10.4+.

Breeze is available in both 32- and 64-bit formats for the Windows VST platform. All other formats are currently 32-bit only, though additional 64-bit formats are in development.

Breeze has a MSRP of $149.95. Orders are handled via download at the Galbanum web-store at this time. All products are available immediately.

Perfect Storm Bundle
The Perfect Storm Bundle consists of Aether, Breeze, the Aether Integrity Expansion and the Aether Creativity Expansion.

  • Aether is the "ultimate quality", self-modulating algorithmic reverb.
  • Breeze is Aether's eco-conscious cousin, focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and economy.
  • The Aether Integrity Expansion is a collection of 160 presets for Aether focusing on ultra-realistic halls, chambers, rooms, churches, and small instrument spaces.
  • The Aether Creativity Expansion is a collection of 150 presets for Aether focusing on thematic presets, huge spaces, and FX which are designed to elicit an emotional response from artists and performers who use Aether as a creative tool and compose directly into it.

The MSRP of the 2CAudio Perfect Storm Bundle is $349.95.



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