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8Dio Announces Biggest Sale Of The Year: 40% Off All Products (including Bundles)

8DIO Productions

8Dio has announced their biggest sale of the year with 40% off all of their 120+ products, including Bundles giving you up to 70% discount.

Here's what they say: "The 8Dio catalogue is featured in the most current Blockbusters (ex. Interstellar, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy), TV-shows (ex. Game of Thrones, Arrow, Vikings), Video Games (ex. Destiny, COD, Diablo 3) and countless Top-40 productions."

Use any of the following codes at 8Dio:

  • 40% off any 8DIO products:
    • Minimum of $600 in value.
    • Discount Code: thankyou40
  • 30% off any 8DIO products:
    • Minimum of $400 in value.
    • Discount Code: thankyou30
  • 20% off any 8DIO products:
    • Minimum of $200 in value.
    • Discount Code: thankyou20

Use the following code at 8DM:

  • 50% off any 8DM products:
    • Minimum $100 in value.
    • Discount Code: thankyou50

They continue: "This is the biggest sale we have ever had and there won't be anything like it in the foreseeable future. This sale ends on Monday December 1st 2014. If you should need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out by writing us at support@8dio.com and we will get right back to you."

Visit www.8dio.com for more information and www.8dm.me for their current EDM catalogue for Maschine and Kontakt.




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