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A.O.M. releases free Triple Fader and updates plugins to v1.14.0


A.O.M. has updated their plugins to version 1.14.0 and released a new free one, Triple Fader.

Triple Fader is a simple gain plugin. It has a triple of range-configurable gain fader.


  • Range-configurable and automatable gain faders.
  • Per-fader toggle button.
  • Sample peak meter.
  • Level meter (RMS 0.3/0.6/1.0/3.0s, VU, LUFS Short-Term, LUFS Momentary).
  • High precision calculation.

A.O.M. Plugins v1.14.0 Update


  • [Invisible Limiter] Reduce CPU load up to 40%, except for Suppress mode.
  • [All Plugins] User preset load operation is now included undo history.
  • [All Plugins] Reduce GUI load time.
  • [tranQuilizr, tranQuilizr G2] Improve GUI behavior consistency. EQ point always gets enabled when user start dragging.
  • [DeSibilizer] High resolution image.
  • [tranQuilizr] Support multichannel I/O metering.

Bug fixes:

  • [tranQuilizr G2] In WaveLab, some knobs were left inoperable when user operated the plugin's GUI before the first playback.


  • [Invisible Limiter G2] Easy Mode and meter settings are now shared among plugin instances.


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