A.O.M. has updated their audio plugins to version 1.10.1.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • [All Plugins] Improve graphics performance when plugin window is scaled to 125% or 150%.
  • [All Plugins, Windows] Improve graphics performance under HiDPI enabled hosts.
  • [tranQuilizr G2] Add mouse wheel configuration feature.
  • [tranQuilizr G2, Mac] Support Command modifier key.

Bug Fixes:

  • [tranQuilizr G2] Signal discontinuity when user enables band solo as the first operation of the band. – fixed.
  • [tranQuilizr G2] Band color did not follow band type changes. – fixed.


  • [All Plugins, Mac] Drop support for OS X 10.9 and 10.10.
  • [All Plugins, Mac] Drop support for Carbon Component Manager-based Audio Unit plugins.
  • [All Plugins, Mac] Migrate graphics backend from OpenGL to CoreGraphics.


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