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Aaron Venture releases Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire — a live mixing course

Aaron Venture

Aaron Venture has released the first course in his Orchestral Mixing series via Udemy.

This course is a full screencast of an ITB mixing session. Its main goal is to explore blending sample libraries recorded in different rooms and different positions into one cohesive mix, room design for modeled instruments and the general mixing approach towards virtual orchestral music in order to achieve a natural sound.

The secondary goal is to prove that you don't need expensive equipment to pull off great-sounding mixes in-the-box. The entire course, minus the final listen and mastering, was done on AudioTechnica ATH-M50x with Sonarworks Reference 3 calibration—a <$250 package.

Use the code "KVR" and enrol for an introductory $14.99 price.



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