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accSone updates crusher-X to v8.58 with Drag'n Drop features


accSone has released a free "Drag'n Drop" feature update for crusher-X 8 licensees that comes with a few relevant bug fixes too.

Adds Drag'n Drop features:

  • Drop an audio file to the UI will load the file into the Grain Buffer.
  • Drop the audio file to the DCO or Editor panel will load it to the DCO and launch the DCO editor.
  • Drop one or several crusher-X Patches to the UI it will load the patch(es) to the program slots (only full version).
  • Drop a crusher-X Sound Package file to the UI will load the complete sound package (only full version).

Additional topics addressed by this update:

  • Adds a global settings reset if shift-key is pressed during plug-in initialization.
  • Adds two additional factory DCO binaural sounds: JackTheHammer and BellsInHeaven.
  • Optimized the input trigger feature: If a file is loaded to the Grain Buffer and the input level triggers the buffer, the Grain Buffer is released and crusher-X switches automatically back to Live Mode (for live performances where one wants to begin with a static file intro and then automatically continues with the live performance).
  • Fixes a seldom crash that happened on loading a new DCO or grain buffer file while processing.
  • Fixes a seldom crash that happened sometimes on launching a hint window.
  • Fixes a bug that didn't allowed a proper restoring of the MIDI keyboard on/off key status while loading or switching of a patch.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed a note being triggered via the MIDI keyboard even if the key is disabled by the selected Scale.
  • Fixes a bug that didn't included the WetL/R Volumes into the morph system.
  • Fixes some cosmetic UI issues.
  • Demo: Removes demo popup window.

crusher-X 8 licensees can follow the download instructions described in their crusher-X 8 delivery mail (received after purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 8.


  • Upgrade / crossgrade from older crusher-X versions: 85,- €.
  • Full version: 242,- €.

Video: YouTube/6V5eizAggjo



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