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Accusonus releases ERA-R: Single-Knob dereverberation plugin for Mac & Win (AAX, AU, VST) - Intro Pricing available


Accusonus has released ERA-R, a single-knob dereverberation plug-in. ERA-R is designed to attenuate or remove excessive reverberation with a single knob. Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio repair technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and offers the means to adjust the reverberation amount via a single control. The plug-in also provides 5 spectral band presets that allow frequency-focused processing.

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Repair location recordings.
  • Clean up your dialog or voice tracks.
  • Tighten up music performances.
  • Add clarity to mixes.
  • Remove the recorded room before adding artificial reverberation.

Other ERA-R usages:

  • Remove/reduce reverberation from stems.
  • Tighten up drum patterns/electronic loops.
  • Suppress long tom tails to improve your drum sound.
  • Perceptually bring the dominant sound sources closer to the microphone.
  • Change the direct/reverb balance in a mix.
  • Tighten up acoustic guitar sound and control the guitar body resonances.

Accusonus extends the intro pricing for their single-knob denoiser ERA-N and also introduces an ERA-R on an intro price until April, 24. In addition, accusonus introduces 2 new bundles (Single-Knob Pack, ERA bundle) in their Enhancement and Restoration of Audio (ERA) product line.

Accusonus Enhancement & Restoration of Audio (ERA) Product Line :

  • ERA-R (AU, VST, AAX for Win and Mac) is immediately available at an intro price of $39 (Regular Price $59).
  • ERA-N (AU, VST, AAX for Win and Mac) is immediately available at an intro price of $39 (Regular Price $59).
  • The Single-Knob Bundle (includes ERA-N, ERA-R): intro price $59 (Regular Price $118).
  • ERA-D (AU, VST, AAX for Win and Mac): $299.
  • The ERA Bundle (includes ERA-D, ERA-N, ERA-R): bundle price $339 (Regular Price $417).

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