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Meet the HappyPlacer: The world's first plugin that sends you to your happy place.

After years of copious research, we present you our newest product the HappyPlacer.

The life of sound engineers, producers and musicians can be really tough. Hanging around in music studios can be dangerous and stressful. Just lay back and consider:

  • Have you ever tried to record a band whose members can barely play their instruments?
  • Have you ever tried to capture the "musical" performance of a musician that has invested more time and money in a facebook page than in music lessons?
  • Have you ever suffered by listening someone trying to play that same solo part 1 million times?
  • Have you paid more than you actually make to your therapist, just to talk about the horrible music you were subjected to while trying to put food on the table?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the HappyPlacer is the right tool for you! Τhe only plugin that helps you relieve the stress of music recording and sends you directly to your happy place.

Yours faithfully,
The accusonus team.



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