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Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v2.3.1 for Cakewalk by BandLab

Agitated State

Agitated State has updated MenuMagic for Cakewalk by BandLab to v2.3.1.

Notable Changes

Categorization tab:

  • Fixed issue with GUI where in some cases the status of Move buttons (>, >>, <, <<) were not being properly refreshed (would become disabled).

Menu Creation tab:

  • Fixed bug that could affect UnCategorized plugins and only affected plugin that shared the same VST file (such as Waves) and also possibly some DX plugins. Instead of having let's say 4 versions of a plugin (for example mono, mono live, stereo, stereo live) you would end up with 4 copies of the first one hit as shown here:

    As mentioned this issue only affected certain plugins if they were UnCategorized and it has been fixed.

  • Added "Assign Layout" button: Lets you assign existing Plug-in Layout Menus to Cakewalk's / Sonar's instrument & effect bin without having to create a new layout.
  • In Save Layout or Assign Layout- selecting an Effect bin, now selects all Effect bins. Same for Instruments. This behavior matches that of Sonar Platinum and CbB.

Many other tweaks such as fixing bad tool tips, bug fixes, etc.

Known Issues:

  • Built in Help documentation does not contain information related to this release. The new changes in v2.2, v2.31 and planned changes in the next release will require that most of the screen shots have to be redone. Will catch up after next release.

MenuMagic is the plug-in management tool specially designed to work with Cakewalk by BandLab and Sonar DAWs (Platinum, X3, X2, etc.). Its powerful toolset enables you to analyze, fix issues and organize your plug-ins (VST, VST3, DX, 32-bit, 64-bit) into menus quickly and easily. Click to see MenuMagic v2's currently implemented features.

For a limited time you can buy MenuMagic for $19.99. and it comes with a 15 day money back guarantee.

You will receive both the versions of MenuMagic:

  • V2 - supports Cakewalk for BandLab and Sonar (from last release back to v6.02).
  • V1 - supports older versions of Cakewalk DAWs that use the VST Adapter like Project 5 v2, Sonar5, etc.

More info on MenuMagic is available in the Agitated State KVR Audio forum.



Discussion: Active
20 February 2019 at 11:24pm

Thank you for your continued work on this, Steven.

And for Sonar or Cakewalk by Bandlab users considering purchasing this, the ability to back up the Windows Registry keys related to your installed VSTs is worth the price alone. That feature has saved me a couple of times when hard drive issues scrambled parts of my Windows Registry or my VST folders.

This tool also helps you categorize your plug-ins by vendor, type or other criteria, and can identify plug-ins that may cause problems or are reporting themselves incorrectly to Windows.

Highly recommended.


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