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Musikmesse 2015Akai Professional announces MIDImix USB MIDI Mixer / DAW Controller


Akai Professional has announced the introduction of its new MIDImix, a portable compact high-performance mixer that has "the unique ability to also control the artist's Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with the press of a single button, giving musicians and producers complete, uncomplicated mastery over the mixing and processing of their digital music creations on the go".

Here's what they say:

Until now, musicians and producers had to build and layer their mixes at the performance site first, then transfer that mix at a later time to their DAW for post-mix processing and manipulation. It was an unwieldy process and because of the time lag between constructing the initial mix and not being able to work on it until later in their DAW, artists had only a limited ability to create the exact mix they wanted in real time.

Akai Professional's portable MIDImix solves that dilemma completely. It combines a high-performance mixer with 8 individual line faders and a master fader, 24 control knobs arranged 3 per channel and 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite is included). Users can send all the mixer's settings to their DAW with a single press of a button, for management and precise control over their DAW's functionality. This means that artists can mix and modify/manipulate their projects concurrently in real time, giving them a much wider array of creative options as a result of the far greater creative flexibility afforded by MIDImix.

Summary of MIDImix features:

  • MIDI mixer to control virtually any DAW.
  • 8 individual line faders, 1 master fader.
  • 24 knobs, arranged 3 per channel.
  • 16 buttons arranged in 2 banks provide mute, solo and record arm functionality per channel.
  • Sends all mixer settings to the DAW with a single button press.
  • 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite included).

Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill said, "We are particularly excited to introduce the MIDImix, because up until now, there was just no solution for musicians and producers who needed a compact, easily-portable way to mix and process their projects on site." He added, "Simply put, this is the best solution for portable mixing on the go. MIDImix offers an intuitive, familiar mixer layout, solid connectivity with the most popular DAWs, and legendary Akai Professional quality. MIDImix is exactly what people have been asking for."

The Akai Professional MIDImix will be available in June 2015 at retail pricing of $99.99.

For more information, visit akaipro.com



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