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alex.nadzharov updates 'soundfruuze' experimental sampler for iPad to v1.2


alex.nadzharov has announced that soundfruuze, the experimental live sampler / granular effect / looper for iPad, has been updated to version 1.2 offering many new features:

  • Three new lane types:
    1. FFT Looper — works the same way as Looper lane but uses FFT algorithm for playback allowing constant pitch for any playback speed and the same FFT effects (gate and phase randomisation).
    2. Granular Stream — the same granular-freeze engine with all parameter randomisation and special UI control.
    3. Speed lane — vertical touch position controls playback speed, horizontal position can be assigned to any parameter.
  • Five effects:
    1. Frequency shifter.
    2. Ring modulation.
    3. Sample-and-hold (" lo-fi").
    4. HP/LP filter.
    5. Reverb.
  • The amount of effect can be set for each sound individually or for all sounds produced by one lane.
  • Limiter added on master output.
  • Enhanced looper control: new "size&volume" lane mode. drag to select the time for the new loop and release touch to create it. Vertical position controls the volume of the loop that will be created. You can create muted loop by dragging at the bottom of the lane.
  • B buffer when in "record output" now doesn't record self.
  • When you change lane type it sets up with default x/y controls and sliders.
  • "reset slider values" button added to lane type selector.
  • several fixes for the sound quality in granular nodes.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

Price: $6.99 in the App Store.



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