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algoriddim releases djay v2.3; Rogue Amoeba releases Nicecast v1.9.5; Together they Deliver Solution for Online Radio Broadcasting


algoriddim has released version 2.3 of djay, its DJ software for iTunes. This new version now integrates with Nicecast from Rogue Amoeba, which itself has just been updated to v1.9.5, allowing users to easily broadcast their DJ mix online to listeners around the world and making djay the perfect solution for online radio DJs or anyone who wants to broadcast their favorite music.

"The combination of djay and Nicecast is a killer duo," says Paul Kafasis, CEO of Rogue Amoeba. "Now DJs can create live sets with ease using all the playback and mixing powers of djay and then broadcast a great stream to the world, with our own Nicecast broadcasting tool. Setting up a live internet stream should be easy, and with the tag-team of djay and Nicecast, it is!"

With Nicecast, djay can be used to broadcast music to all major online radio networks including Live365, Shoutcast and Icecast. The seamless integration of Nicecast and djay makes setup easy. After selecting djay as the music source in Nicecast, information about the current song will be provided to listeners automatically. Users can play and mix music live, or enable djay's Automix mode to mix any playlist from iTunes automatically with DJ-style transitions.

djay v2.3
In addition to the integration with Nicecast, djay 2.3 includes a new power button for each turntable, which precisely simulates how real turntables gradually slow down the record when being turning off. And a new Auto Select mode for djay's Pre-Cueing feature allows users to automatically listen to one turntable on their headphones while the other is playing through the main speakers. With this, selecting and preparing a new song from the integrated iTunes library becomes even easier than before.

Changes in djay v2.3:

  • Seamless integration with Nicecast by Rogue Amoeba for online radio broadcasting.
  • "Auto Select" turntable feature for pre-cueing with headphones.
  • Drag and drop from iTunes.
  • Power button for turntable (push to brake).
  • Improved behavior: resume playing when pressing play keyboard shortcut while jumping to cue point in pause mode.

Nicecast v1.9.5
Nicecast v1.9.5 also features several important improvements, including updates to Instant Hijack, Soundflower, the LAME MP3 encoding engine, and the included icecast streaming server.

Changes in Nicecast 1.9.5:

  • Nicecast now fully supports djay from algoriddim, with proper audio being hijacked and track titles captured.
  • Nicecast now uses Instant Hijack 2.1.1, fixing a crashing bug with 64-bit processes.
  • Nicecast now includes Soundflower 1.4.2, with several bug fixes.
  • Nicecast's archiving now warns when disk space is low.
  • Nicecast now uses version 3.98-2 of the LAME MP3 encoding engine.
  • Nicecast now uses version 2.3.2 of the icecast streaming server.
  • Broadcasting: The default broadcasting source buffer has been increased to 4 MB.
  • Server: The maximum allowable listeners is no longer limited to 99.
  • Interface: The level meters in the Effects window now remember their state between launches.
  • Other: Many small memory leaks have been fixed.


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