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Analog In The Box releases "Tank Verb" and "Phonocamptica" Reverb Libraries for Nebula

Analog In The Box

Analog In The Box has released Tank Verb and Phonocamptica, two new reverb libraries for Acustica Audio's Nebula. To celebrate these releases, Analog In The Box is offering 25% off everything for 3 days and 9.98€ on the new releases for one week.

Tank Verb is a unique collection of Nebula presets dedicated to accurately recreating the Accutronics spring reverb tanks.

AITB says "There are dozens of impulse response libraries of classic studio spring reverb units, but almost none takes care to represent these little spring reverb tanks that have been built into countless guitar and keyboard/organ amplifiers for decades. We decided to fill this gap by not only capturing the sound of the Accutronics reverb tanks and their tube-driven reverb gain stage as close as possible, but at the same time making the presets suitable to multiple sources, far beyond only the guitar or keyboard tracks we typically hear spring reverb on."

"A legendary 2x12 combo amp was used for clean tones and parts of its circuit, but an improved reverb driver based on the creative experiences of Analog In The Box was built. By using different filters in the reverb driver and changing the tubes in the gain makeup stage before sampling each preset a dedicated spring reverb library for Nebula that provides a vast selection of spring reverb tones is born."

The Core-Library consists of 20 different spring reverbs, which can have even more variations with the Add-On library. Altogether the complete set consists of 228 presets (12GB) in total. Each preset comes with a preview and lightweight (clean) program.

Library Content:

  • 20 different spring reverbs (Core Library) + Additional variations (Add-On Library).
  • 228 presets (12GB) in total.
  • Each preset comes with a preview and lightweight (clean) program.

Phonocamptica is a reverb collection that is dedicated to Athanasius Kircher and his studies. With "Magia Phonocamptica, sive de Echo", Kircher has developed regularities in how sound reflects.

With more than 50 different reverb programs, the library is a universal tool for nearly every task where a reverb is useful, be it for movies and soundtracks, instruments, vocals or sound design.

All the reverbs are derived from two of the most famous reverb machines out of Denmark.

Library Content:

  • 55 presets (6.4GB) in total.
  • Each preset comes with a quick loading preview.


Discussion: Active
6 November 2012 at 5:17pm

If you already use Nebula, you know who these guys are. Both of these reverb libraries are amazing and stunning. I hate to use these cliches, but these are really "must-haves" and at these prices, they are "no-brainer" purchases.

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