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Arksun-Sound releases Zebra Arksun Soundbank


Arksun-Sound has announced the release of its third commercial soundbank - this time for u-he's Zebra soft-synth.

This soundbank offers a diverse collection of sounds covering many styles whilst retaining the "Arksun Sound". All 128 presets utilize all 4 performance controls for additional sound shaping. If you're making EDM, chillout or even film score music, this soundbank will offer you a great palette of sounds for your mix.

The bank is available to buy now for €25. Please note, version 2.3 of Zebra is required to use this soundbank.

For more information on the bank, MP3 audio demos and a free 16-preset demo bank, please visit www.arksun-sound.com.



Discussion: Active
29 July 2013 at 12:38pm

We sure wish that you would return and produce more sound libraries.

Of all the sounds that we have purchased, yours have been, by far, the most professional, usable and wonderful sounds. I would go as far to say that your sounds are much better than the instruments factory patches. You have a a great ability to realize and push the capacities of a software synth.

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