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Auburn Sounds releases Panagement 2 - Binaural Positioning, Reverb, Delay (incl. Free Version)

Auburn Sounds

Auburn Sounds has released Panagement 2 which is a complete redesign of their former binaural panner plug-in Panagement 1.

Panagement has completely changed and is now a complete binaural solution for realistic and expressive positioning.


  • Binaural panning.
  • Distance modelling through Reverb (automatic early and late reflections).
  • 5 rooms models (Concrete, Heaven, Wood, Cave, Dark).
  • Binaural Delay (optional ping-pong).
  • LFO that modulates Pan / Distance / Gain / Tilt.
  • Stereo Width (0% to 200%).
  • Smooth Tilt filter.
  • Alternative processing modes with PGMT-400 mod.


  • FULL Edition: 24.65€, free for existing Panagement customers.
  • FREE Edition: Free with no time limit. Disables PGMT-400 and Binaural Delay.

The Panagement 2 downloads include AAX / VST3 / VST 2.4 / AU for Windows and macOS.



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