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Audible Genius releases Building Blocks 2 - Gamified training course for music composition and production

Audible Genius

Audible Genius has released Building Blocks 2, the second volume of their music production training course. Continuing on from Building Blocks 1, Building Blocks 2 dives deeper into the world of DAW-based composition and music theory.

Building Blocks uses the same ear-training approach as its predecessor Syntorial. Lessons take place in an online DAW and focus on giving musicians the ability to create their own original drum patterns, basslines, chord progressions, and melodies.

To cater to today's DAW-based musician, Building Blocks never uses traditional notation or the music staff. Instead, music theory is taught exclusively in the Piano Roll, a familiar MIDI-notation interface found in most popular DAWs. This allows Building Blocks to remove unnecessary theory that focuses on the music staff, replacing it with relevant content that can be immediately applied to any musician's DAW of choice.

Building Blocks is free to try at AudibleGenius.com. Full access can be unlocked by either purchasing lifetime access for USD 44.99 / course or an all-access subscription for USD 14.99 / month.




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