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Audio Assault has released Westwood Drums, a new instrument plug-in that features a Yamaha custom recording drum kit with all the tools needed to shape the sound the way you like.

Westwood Drums includes a full range of mixing tools & effects on every channel, to adjust the way the microphones affect the signal, compress, transient design and shape the drums the way you need to.


  • Unprocessed Drum kit with 4 snares and 4 kicks.
  • Multiple Mic/Bleed Blending.
  • 2 band parametric equalizers with shelves and filters for all channels.
  • Compressor, Clipping, Saturation, Transient Shaping & Reverb on all channels.
  • The Punch built into every channel.
  • Trigger channels for snare and kick, blend your own samples.
  • Multi-Output for mixing outside the plug-in.
  • Editable mapping, various formats included.

Westwood Drums along with all other Audio Assault plug-ins will be $15 this Black Friday at



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