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Audio Damage updates Discord3 (1.1.2), Replicant (1.6.3), Dubstation (1.5.3) and Eos (1.1.2)

Audio Damage

Audio Damage recently updated all formats of Discord3 to v1.1.2, Replicant to v1.6.3 and Dubstation to v1.5.3. The OS X version of Eos has also been updated (to v1.1.2).

Changes in Discord3 v1.1.2:

  • Graphics updated for legibility on high-resolution monitors.
  • .aupreset files added in the appropriate location on OS X for Ableton Live AU users.
  • Missing preset bug in Logic fixed.
  • Input and output levels in previous version defaulted to -9dB. We have changed this to 0dB on both controls.
  • New DRM-free digitally-signed installers. This is a recommended update for all users.

Changes in Replicant v1.6.3:

  • Graphics updated, more legible fonts.
  • Automation problem in AudioUnit fixed.
  • Presets bug in Live AudioUnits version addressed.
  • DRM removed from installer and plug-in. This is a recommended update for all users.

Changes in Dubstation v1.5.3:

  • Minor updates to graphics in user interface.
  • Mono->mono and mono->stereo modes added to AudioUnit version.
  • DRM removed from plug-in and installer.
  • Installers are now digitally signed for a more secure experience. This version of Dubstation is "sandbox-safe," and will work in any sandboxed host on OS X.

Changes in Eos v1.1.2 on OS X:

  • A new installer for the OS X versions of Eos addresses a bug with the automation in the AudioUnit version. If you only use the VST, or only use Windows, you don't need to install this update. If you use AudioUnits, it is a recommended update.


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