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Audio Nebula updates Aurora FM to v1.2 for Windows and Linux

Audio Nebula

Audio Nebula has updated Aurora FM to version 1.2.0.


  • Channel and polyphonic aftertouch mod sources (AT C, AT P).
  • Numeric entry for Operator frequency.
  • Middle-click (MMB) to Randomize, for individual parameters, parameter sections, or related parameter groups (with Alt modifier).


  • Synth:
    • Flexible Osc mod routing architecture - now 3 fixed (LFO1, LFO2, S&H) and 2 variable (Env, MW, AT C, AT P, ? On, ? Off, ?).
    • Mod source Variable Source->Amp scaling replaces fixed Velocity->Amp scaling.
    • Minor performance improvements.
    • Reverb improvements.
  • UI:
    • All selection controls with more than 3 items are now pop-lists.
    • Visual distinction between pop-list selectors and click-/scroll-to-cycle selectors.
    • Pop-lists can be navigated with click-and-dragging in addition to scrollwheel as before.
    • Better fine-grained value stepping for sliders, and now a relative change instead of absolute.
    • Envelope and Key-Scale points can now be locked individually as opposed to all-or-nothing as before.
    • Groups of related parameters can now be locked, reset, and randomized together using Alt modifier (ex: Mod sources, Osc mod section, Env slopes, Effects, Mod Matrix).
  • General:
    • User patch directory scanning is now asynchronously threaded and doesn't affect plugin launch time.
    • Patch Manager window totally overhauled and improved. The active patch can be changed from here, making auditioning your patch library a breeze.
    • Minor randomization improvements.
    • Quicker GUI launch time and GUI refresh on Algorithm change.
    • Workaround for common DX7 SysEx invalid format issue.

Head over to audionebula.ca for the latest download.



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