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AudioRealism updates AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3) to v3.3.0.2


AudioRealism has updated AudioRealism Bass Line 3 (ABL3) to v3.3.0.2, after releasing a major update to v3.3 at the end of July featuring Apple M1 support and much more.

Changes in

  • Added a "Repeat Steps" function to the Menu as suggested from one user on the forum here. This just fills the 64 step pattern with the steps up to the pattern length.
  • Added a new parameter VCA Noise Level knob to Setup page. This only affects 3.3 Model 2.
  • "Output Clipping" is now called "Output Limiter".
  • Removed "Improved Emu" option from the Setup page. This is now always on by default.
  • Added "Output Limiter" option to the Setup Page.
  • Some other minor tunings/changes.

Changes in

  • Fixed display of Parameters (In Live etc). Tuning now says (+/- semitones) and other parameters such as Cutoff 0.00 - 1.00.
  • Adding Model 4 (which is ABL3.2.2 due to request from KVR users).
  • Changes to Emulation Engine menu entries to:
    • "ABL2".
    • "ABL3.2".
    • "ABL3.3 (Model 1) ".
    • "ABL3.3 (Model 2) ".
  • Bass/Treble boost now reads +/- 0-6dB instead of 0-100%. But only in the gui, the parameter display from host is still 0.0-1.0.

Changes in 3.3.0:

  • Apple M1 and Intel compatible (native M1).
  • Three audio engines to choose from (can be switched on the fly).
  • Distortion and drive from ABL2 makes a come back.
  • Shuffle with MPC timing modes.
  • Defects switchable in audio engine 3 (broken accent and/or slide).
  • Shift+Click for 303 style programming mode (note on, tie, rest).
  • Bass and Treble controls added to the Setup page.
  • TD-3 pattern import.
  • Additional minor improvements / changes.


AudioRealism also updated ReDominator to v1.5.0 back in May, 2021.

New Features:

  • SysEx Transmit and Receive directly to and from your Alpha Juno 1/2 or MKS-50. This allows ReDominator to work as a programmer for the hardware synth.
  • New and improved filter emulation of the IR3R05 chip.
  • VST3 and Audio Unit support.
  • Apple Silicon compatible (Apple M1-equipped Macs).
  • Stand Alone version included.


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